Computer Music Lab  
MIDI-equipped computer is the best tool to learn and appreciate music
experiment with different timbre, tempo and dynamics
music played can be notated and placed on-screen for editing and demonstration
computer generated melodies and accompaniments
student practices can be stored for assessment
music games to arouse interest and reinforce theory and concepts
learning at individual paces
Music is no doubt an indispensable element for a complete education. Studies show that students with music appreciation courses score higher on the SAT. Drop out rates are also lower for schools offering fine arts and music courses. Suggestions are that music stimulates interests in other subjects and therefore achieves the desirable effects.
How can we help music teachers arouse in students interests for music and effectively teach them about music and its appreciation? Computers and MIDI technologies are cut out for this job. In the first place, music, graphics and video are natural attractions to students. The multiplicity of software and music instruments enables students to learn music theories and practice at individual paces. Notation software record parts and convert them to notation for storage and printout. Sequencing software allows compositors "live" music input and subsequent manipulation digitally.
The common problems that prevent music teachers from using computers as a tool for teaching are frequent system breakdown (hardware and software) and difficult-to-use software. As most music teachers are not computer experts, a little hardware problem or corrupt system setup will render the class to a complete stop or chaos.
ALD NBA system of OS and application delivery eliminates most of the common hardware and software problems facing PCs. Its high availability unleashes the full power of interactive computing. Instead of spending efforts to make sure the systems will not break down, teachers can concentrate on teaching music. Armed with also ALD's ClassroomCommander, a user-friendly multimedia classroom control software, teachers are now true masters in the ALD Computer Music Lab.
Applicable ALD products include NBA server, NBA1200M workstation, AMS server and ClassroomCommander.