e-Language Lab  
  Instant Assessment & Repeated Listening & Drills  
  Unlimited listening and drills
  Instant assessment by computer
  Stored drills for study & evaluation
  Learning at individual paces
  Starts at any place in source
  Purely digital design requires no expensive, extra hardware
  Stand-alone or complementary to ALD HAC platform
  Hong Kong has to transform into a high value-added economy to emerge from the current economic trough. To do so, we need a young generation with great command of English and Putonghua and advanced skills in using computers and Internet, besides other qualities like creativity, vision, team work and self-esteem.
  ALD's Follow-me language learning system takes advantage of the powerful hardware and affordable price of PCs to help students practice language listening and speaking. Students can listen to speech sources and follow the pronunciation, accent and intonation repeatedly without any limit. An intelligent algorithm automatically assesses the drills versus the source phrases to give immediate feedback. Unlike older tape recorder based solutions, students can start at any point in the source material without waiting for the tape to advance or reverse.

The ability to store drills in computer allows students to review their work or the teacher to give assistance or course work grading later. While the students are working with the language learning system, they also gain skills in using computers, enhancing their competitiveness in the Internet age. The intelligent assessment system gives immediate feedback to accelerate learning. Knowing their progresses, students are more motivated in learning and positively build up their self esteem.

  Last but not the least, a strong language capability makes students confident in communicating with people all over the world, thereby cultivating communication skills and broadening vision.  
  Applicable ALD products: NBA server, NBA1200 workstation, AMS server, ClassroomCommander and Follow-me.