e-Library / e-Open Room  
Let Students Use Computers Whenever They Need Without Fear Of Damage
No hard disk to break
Auto-recovery from corrupted system
Boot sector virus cannot harm
No illegal or untested software
Ultra low power design (12 Watts)
Silent design (no single fan)
Slim and elegant design that can be placed virtually anywhere
Allows learning at individual paces
  Hong Kong has to transform into a high value-added economy to emerge from the current economic trough. To do so, we need a young generation with advanced skills in using computers and Internet, besides other qualities like creativity, vision, team work and self-esteem.  
  Though Hong Kong schools are among the best equipped in computer hardware, many of them do not open the computer facilities to students beyond normal classes because of the fear of possible equipment damage by students. This is hindering the students from getting the most from the existing computer facilities and the limitless encyclopaedia of the World Wide Web.  

With ALD's innovative NBA (Network Boot Agent) platform, workstations do not need a local hard disk, making them immune from the number one killer of PC -

  hard disk breakdown. OS and applications are downloaded from the central NBA server upon power up. All software applications are vigorously tested and installed by IT staff, saving the worry of students installing illegal or virus laden software. System configuration and application rollout is done once and can be used in all workstations.  
  Ultra-low power consumption of the sleek industrial designed workstation does not require a cooling fan and therefore gives the best acoustic performance. Unlike Windows terminal solutions, audio, graphics and video are rendered locally, giving faster frame rate, hence better user experiences. With a size 1/20 of an ordinary PC, NBA1100 workstation can be fit virtually anywhere.  
  Applicable ALD products include NBA server, NBA1100 workstation, AMS server and ClassroomCommander.